Chilean Socialist Leader Raúl Ampuero’s Visit to Yugoslavia

During the Cold War, Chilean socialists were especially close to the Yugoslav regime and many of them found inspiration in socialist self-management and resistance against Soviet pressures. In 1957, one of the main leaders of the Chilean Socialist party, Raúl Ampuero toured Yugoslavia. He visited Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia before heading to Italy.

Visit to Yugoslavia
The map was made with Python using Nominatim and Geopy.

Here’s a map of the places he visited, from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Jagodina (back then, Svetozarevo), to Ljubljana, Zagreb, Rijeka, Sarajevo, Jablonica and others. Interestingly enough, Montenegro and Kosovo were completely left out of his intinerary. Apparently the Yugoslav government felt that there was not much to show off there.